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EINA en la 48 edición de las conferencias y Exhibición de la JEC en Paris
The 48th session of JEC Europe Composites Show and Conferences confirms once more its position of leading Networking platform and Knowledge-sharing conferences in the global Composites panorama.
JEC Europe remains the best place for Composites professionals to get the fastest ROI on an event since cumulative returns from the trade show for all exhibitors are estimated at around €769 million, or US$997
The event covered the sector’s major topics from mass production to thermoplastics, smart composites with embedded sensors and new applications to the environment or again recycling.
EINA took part at the conferences, showing the tracking technology and its applications on the manufacturing of composites.
On the Exhibition floors as well as in the Conferences room, one could feel the effervescing professional crowd that is refl ecting a steadily growing market. Indeed, it is estimated that the composites market
will grow at an average annual global rate of 6%, to reach a value of about €90 billion and a volume of 10 million metric tons by 2015 (compared to €80 billion and 9.2 million MT in 2012).
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